Frequently Asked Questions

About LEI

What is an LEI?
What is the purpose of the global LEI system (GLEIS)?
Who are the parties involved within the GLEIS?
Is APIR Systems Limited authorised to assign LEIs?
Who needs an LEI?
Does APIR place any restriction on the use of its LEI records and its related reference data?
Where can I find more information about the GLEIS?
What is the structure of the LEI?
What registration statuses can an LEI record carry?

User Registration

Why is my email address not accepted?
I can't remember my password, what should I do?

LEI Services

How do I start the registration process?
What do I need to register for an LEI?
What is the Authorisation Letter?
How do I provide supporting documents for my LEI request to APIR?
What type of supporting documents should I provide to APIR?
How long does the registration process take?
How is the validation process carried out?
What is the process to port in an LEI to APIR?
When can I submit a renewal request?
How do I initiate a renewal process?
What happens if I do not undertake the renewal process for an LEI record?
If my request for LEI is unsuccessful, what does this mean?
Can I change details of an LEI?

Fees & Payments

How much does it cost to register for an LEI?
What is the annual renewal fee referring to?
What is the Cart?
What payment methods are accepted for the LEI services offered?
If I have chosen to pay by EFT and an invoice was generated, can I change to pay by Credit Card?
Can I make a single payment for more than one request?
What is an unpaid request?

My Portal

What is the Dashboard?
What kind of information does the Portal Snapshot show me?

LEI Search

Why can’t I see my LEI on the LEI Search Directory following a registration?
What can I search for on the LEI Search Directory?

LEI Data

Where can I download APIR's LOU data file?
Does APIR have a FTP location for users to download LEI data files?
At what time do APIR's LEI data files get published?
What is the frequency for the LEI data files publication?
What are the direct URLs for downloading LEI data files?


If I see details that are wrong against an LEI record, can I report this to APIR?
Where can I find more information about APIR’s LEI?

Last Updated: 15/06/2017